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25 noviembre 2013

Crate Digging Roots: DJs talking records


DJ Orion is the man who started a brand new way of seeing music, a big sensation called Peligrosa. The most amazing thing of it all is the way he pieces the music. Different types of  African or Caribbean rhythms, ancient sounds, to create a unique one. Everyone comes to Peligrosa, people of all different ethnicity’s and ages. It brings all kinds of different souls together in one room. The feeling of their parties is unbelievable. Its a non-stop dance fuze party, a getaway.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a Peligrosa party and it was surreal. I did not know what to think of it at the beginning. It was a culture shock but you cant help to want to groove away once you hear their  sounds. They go the extra mile and finds different arrays, I would say specially different cumbia styles. El ambiente esta padrisimo. Its almost like a Scene from “Dirty Dancing” no one cares what you do, how you dance, how you look. As long as your having a good time, that’s all that matters here. Todo se vale.

Orion García, the creator and founder of Peligrosa was born in Panama and grew up with the music from his Puerto Rican and Colombian parents later embracing it and spreading it on dance floors and clubs all across the globe. He has become a very successful known DJ, seeking deep into the roots of music. He has the best job in the world ever. I feel jealous while writing this. He gets to travel all over the world hunting astonishing, unique sounds, discovering cultures trough music, learning  different dance styles, experimenting at a new party every time.

Orion García from Peligrosa DJ’s collective and DJ Mel sat down at Hotel Vegas Austin for a record talk. Digging in their own experiences as music fanatics while discovering new rhythms from all over the world, specially Latin America. Join them here.


They say about themselves: Established December 2007, PELIGROSA is a collective of DJs, producers and visual artists reenergizing the sights and sounds of Latin Americas past, present and future. We promulgate the antiquity of our deeply rooted sounds, cherishing it’s beauty, sheading light on it’s uniqueness while making it relevant to today’s audience. We play a wide variety of styles and enjoy music from the continents of South America, Africa and parts of Europe. We are dangerous music!



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