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18 junio 2013

Jesse & Joy: “Our Mom is ready for us to sing in English”


Meet Jesse and Joy, two talented siblings with strong Mexican roots and one of the most popular Pop duos in Latin America. Austin, TX, was a key stop in closing the U.S. Tour of these “Latinos Imparables.”  Austin City Limits marks their first live television experience, and Blastro2 caught the duo after sound check to gain some insight into their life. / / Photos courtesy KLRU-TV/Austin City Limits. Photos by Scott Newton.

“Con quién se queda el perro?” (Who gets the dog?) U.S. Tour explores the Latino and Mexican side of this bi-cultural duo – with their father being from Mexico City and mother from Wisconsin -  who have been singing in Spanish for the last 10 years. Believe it or not, it isn’t their record label (Warner Music), their management or the sponsors who are asking them to start singing in English, but it is their own mother. “We are writing in English and eventually something will come out of this other side”, says Joy, this little girl (we guess tomorrow she’s turning 27?) with such a deep voice.

If Jesse and Joy are part of a niche market in the U.S., it is hardly noticeable as the audience that attended the ACL taping at Moody Theater chanted each of the hits, such as “Me Voy,” “Llora” and “Corre.  These songs tell dramatic stories, mostly of broken hearts – not like in a Telenovela but more like in real life style

And if that is not enough to amaze, they won four Latin Grammy Awards and a Grammy nomination for “Best Latin Pop Album”. See these talented young musicians for yourself and let their performances inspire you here:

Blastro2 teamed out with Austin Vida’s Editor Ian Morales for this Interview. Our Special Thanks for Maury Sullivan at ACL/KLRU-TV.





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